Saturday, May 15, 2021

Mowing the Lawn...or not

Yesterday, I had the idea to have you try helping me mow the lawn. We currently have a gas mower that is fairly noisy, so at first you were afraid of it. I convinced you that you would be fine and safe so long as you didn't go darting in front of it or sticking your hand where the blade was, so you cautiously joined me as we mowed a row together. I showed you how to pivot, and all was going well until we crossed an area with a dirt patch that kicked up into the air. You ran off due to this, but I called you back after the dust cleared and you tried again. All was fine until the wind blew the dandelion seedling bits back at you, and you wanted to get away again, telling me that you were worried it would get in your eyes. Understandable, guess I should have given you some glasses to wear (though I somehow managed just fine without). 

You then joined me in the backyard and rather than asking you to mow more, I gave you trimming duty with the big shears. You did a great job, got about half of the trimming done before you were too tired and wanted to go inside to have a Bomb Pop :) Love when you help me like this, thank you!

Friday, April 23, 2021

And yet ANOTHER tooth gone!

Seriously, kiddo, can't believe you lost another tooth two days ago--crazy!  And speaking of growing, you have been getting taller and taller all the time. You have grown 3/4" in height just since January!! 

Daddy just got his second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine yesterday and I will be getting mine next Friday. Two weeks after the last dose is when we are considered "protected", so then we can visit relatives again! You and dad are going to go visit grandma Judy next month while dad has break between sessions. I can't go :( because I still have that French class to teach for Elevate, and grandma's Internet is not good enough to do that. But we'll see her again soon and more frequently!  And we'll see Nana Linda again probably in June right after I finish with the class.

I'm planning to travel with you on a nice road trip this summer, though I'm not sure yet where we will go. It will depend on the Covid numbers for each state--don't want to go anywhere with high numbers. In August, all three of us will go out west to North Dakota and some other places. ND has never had bad numbers the whole time of the pandemic, and isn't a super popular destination, thus I think it will be a great choice this year. 

Sunday, March 14, 2021

And ANOTHER tooth gone!

 Just wanted to record that you lost yet ANOTHER tooth yesterday! Just under two months since you lost the last one, jeez! Second molar, tooth #12. You received $12 from the tooth fairy for this one :) 

In other news, you got a letter from a new pen pal in Japan. Her name is Miran, she is 7 years old. You wrote her back today and we will send the letter tomorrow or next day. 

You got a new nerdy toy, too: the Turing Tumble. This is a kit to make Turing-style "computers", which you have been doing enthusiastically ever since it arrived. It's a great brainy toy, happy to see you playing with it and creating amazing things.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Interview questions

 A popular thing on social media is to do a 'kid interview' and record the answers, so I thought we'd do one for you today:

1. If you won a million dollars, what would you buy? probably some sort of robot

2. How long does it take to get to the beach? maybe couple of hours
3. What does Mom always say to you? "Bonne nuit!"
4. What job would you like to do when you grow up? I'm going to be making my own robots.
5. Who is the strongest person you know? Kevin, he knows his stuff, he works out
6. Where do babies come from? from their mommies
7. At what age do you become a grownup? 18
8. What wild animal do you like? lions
9. What would you do if you couldn’t find your underwear? I would ask my dad where it is.
10. If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? Nutella sandwiches
11. How much does it cost to buy a house? around $100k
12. Who do you hang out with all the time? my parents
13. What song makes you want to dance? I'm not sure
14. What are you scared of? washing machines
15. What is your favorite game to play? Minecraft
16. What's your favorite color? green
17. How old is mom? 43
18. How old is granddad (Silly Buddy)? 77
19. Who is the President? Right now it's Joe Biden.
20. What kind of car do you want when you grow up? a normal 4 seat car. blue. electric car.
21. Where do you want to live when you grow up? somewhere a little cooler than here, but not too cold (still has warm summers, not too hot)
22. Who is your best friend? dad (used to be Milo, but we moved, and now Covid)
23. What’s your favorite activity? making domino runs
24. What year is it? 2021
25. What is your favorite sport? bowling
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Sunday, February 7, 2021

New year, two more teeth gone

 As usual, time continues to zoom by. I'm thinking maybe I should set a reminder for myself to blog on here, even if it's just for brief updates.

Thing is, there's not a lot to report these days, as we are still dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. You and I went to visit Nana back in October; that is the last time we've gone anywhere to visit anyone. We also had Suzanne come to visit during that month. The infection numbers were starting to go up a bit, but it wasn't terrible yet. Then the holidays came and the numbers got a bit out of control for a while. There was also the presidential election in November, where we finally voted out T***p (I don't even like to write his name, I always referred to him as "45"). After a tumultuous inauguration a couple of weeks ago (look this up if you don't remember it), we have Joe Biden as president and Kamala Harris as vice-president--first female vice ever in the US! Things are looking up, as there is a vaccine for Covid now, but it's a limited supply. Only frontline workers (people like nurses, doctors, etc) can get it right now, so dad and I are waiting our turn, as are many people.

Events with you: you recently lost your first molar! And it was only a few weeks prior to that when you lost another incisor! You've been doing homeschool as always (and thank goodness we are homeschoolers with the pandemic going on!), making lots of progress. You are also still doing karate, which the classes are online right now. You have a graduation coming up this month, which will mark the end of advanced class...meaning you will start BLACK BELT training in March!! Super exciting :) 

Currently you love your large stuffed animal cats, which you call "boops" and you drag them around with you everywhere in the house. Their names are Tallie and Breadbun. You love to make domino runs and Keva contraptions (Keva blocks are basically the same as Kapla, which you loved playing with when we were in France). Speaking of France, I can hardly believe that it was an entire year ago that we were getting ready to head there. Had no idea that things would go the way they did, and now no idea when we will get to return. I'm fairly certain ti won't be until 2022. I'm hoping we will be able to at least travel domestically this summer, even if we have to camp and/or sleep in the car during the entire trip (I'm not too sure of staying in any hotels for a while, as many of them have been used as temporary Covid-hospitals). I want to do a western trip and and an eastern one. I'm also hoping they might open the border with Canada, but I have very big doubts about that. Want to go see Qu├ębec, New Brunswick, and such once it's possible. 

Anyway, that's enough for now. I really do have the goal of posting here more often...we'll see if I can do that! Love you lots ~mom

Sunday, September 27, 2020

9 years old!

 You just turned 9 two days ago, can't believe it!  The Covid-19 pandemic is still going on, so we had to just celebrate at home, the three of us (Kevin now lives with Nana).  We started on 'birthday eve', with going to a butcher shop in Elk Grove Village to get steaks for dinner, then stopped at a couple of playgrounds for you to enjoy on the way home.  We also stopped at Barnes and Noble to pick up your birthday treat; you chose a chocolate chunk cookie.  You loved steak dinner that night, sans surprise.

On your actual birthday, you and I went to Mariano's to get donuts first thing in the morning.  After that, we came back, opened your presents, and you played with all of them right away (of course). There were 4: a snap circuits expansion, a gravitrax loop, a 3D cat lamp, and a 1000 piece domino set.  I made you a surprise with the dominoes--spelled out 'happy birthday' in cursive, which you loved.  I baked a cake for you...but when I went to frost it (a two layer round one), the frosting was too thick/heavy and it caused the cake to fall apart at the sides :( I was very upset, but determined to make you a dessert with the cat you had drawn as model for it, so I went for a pizza-sized chocolate chip cookie.  You had never had such, so you were skeptical, but you ended up loving it!  We didn't have that until the end of the day, though.

We went out for lunch at Wendy's, used one of the Frosty coupons Grandma Judy sent you (we got drive thru and ate at home).  You and dad played together while I baked the cookie after lunch. I had a lesson to do at 6pm, then a break at 7-8pm, during which we went to Georgio's to pick up a pizza (your choice for dinner :)). I did another lesson from 8-9; uncle Kevin called you during this time, and I overheard you telling him about how you were having an excellent birthday :D

Then we had your cookie for dessert.  The evening ended with you and dad taking a bath together, then we read some of the books at bedtime ("A Dog Named Grk" and "Two Dogs in a Trenchcoat Go On a Class Trip").  I hope we can make all your birthdays just as happy and great as this one.  Love you lots, mom.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Back home...after 10 weeks in France

We finally left France on Monday, which made 1 day shy of 10 full weeks there.  I think it's the longest I've ever stayed in a row, but not totally sure (been too many times now lol).  We started the day by waking up at 5:30am (well, I got up at 5:25 and let you sleep until 5:40), got everything prepped and Damien took us to the bus depot.  We arrived at 7:05am, so we had 25 min until bus departure.  The security people came over and gave Damien a mask, and we put on our cloth ones.  The bus arrived about 10 min later, and the driver was saying that the airport was, no, I argued with him, telling him that just a few days ago a friend of ours (Talia, the girl we had lunch with one day) took her flight from there.  He seemed to think I was lying and said there were no flights out of there right now.  Damien tried to find out in the train station, but they didn't know anything.  I looked it up on my phone and confirmed that our flight was listed on departures and we also had our boarding passes. 
I wrote the rest of the story in my record of the trip, which I will happily share with you when you are older and want to read about this.  I hope you remember this day, it was an historic one, and I hope we never have to repeat such craziness to get back home again!  It was not terribly difficult, just weird and unusual.