Friday, June 22, 2018

We moved! And a bunch more...

Yes, it's been 5 months again since I wrote--there are many reasons, the biggest of which is that we finally moved!  It was a crazy experience; you will have to ask mommy for more details if you want to know one day (it would fill up a few entries here, and that's not what this blog is for :))  Our move date was the 5th of February, but we worked on it all that weekend, too.  It took far longer and more effort than expected.  Grandma Judy, "Silly Buddy", Nana, Pa-Pa Junior, Kevin, Maryanne, and even our new neighbors helped us out.  Most of the winter, we had not had much snow...until it was time to move!  It snowed on the 2nd, then again on the 5th (while we were moving in and all that night), and a lot of the following week, too. 
For the next few weeks, our house looked like a sea of boxes.  We unpacked as much as we could each day, while also cleaning (a LOT--it was very dirty when we moved in) and painting many of the rooms.  It took a long time and a lot of help, but the house is finally mostly in order.  I'm still working on it, just not so intensely now.
Once we finally got settled in, we started getting back to routine.  Despite all the craziness, we did manage to keep up with your karate--you are a yellow belt now and doing well!  Homeschooling has still been a bit rough, but we have managed to get it in, too.
We also traveled in April to Las Vegas (another plane ride for you!) to meet up with one of daddy's friends from college (Celeste).  Some of her friends were meeting up there, too, so we all got to meet each other.  We all shared a large house together and enjoyed the experience a lot.  There was only one other kid there.  Her name was Hailey, she was 12 years old, loved cats, and you two got along famously right away.  She even tried to "protect" you as we walked along the Vegas strip and saw some showgirls who were not wearing very much clothing (you did not even notice lol).  We went on the High Roller observation wheel, saw some shows at Circus Circus, attended the "Hawaiian Festival" for a bit, and even stopped by to visit my cousin Bryan at his work for a bit.  It was a great time, apart from being super hot there, which you did not like.
Since then, we've done some short day trips to Wisconsin and Indiana, but nothing major. We are now at Nana Linda's for a short visit to drop off Kevin so he can stay and visit his friends for a while.  We'll head back on Sunday.  Love you and hope to write more very soon! ~mommy

Monday, January 29, 2018

Omelettes and grilled cheese

Hello again little buddy :)  We think you are hitting a growth spurt--you've been eating like crazy this week!  And you took a nap one day, which you haven't done in quite a long time.  I'm very happy to report that this week, you decided to try omelettes and grilled cheese!  Not together--on separate days :)  And you loved both, yay! 
You played with Milo a lot this weekend, which is good, as we are hoping Wednesday is going to be moving day...will know tomorrow for sure.  We'll still make sure you guys get to see each other, just won't be as easy as it is right now.  Mommy spent most of the weekend packing boxes so that when everyone comes to help us, all we'll need them to do is just pick up boxes and haul them to the new place.
One last thing--looks like you will be losing top front tooth very soon.  Coincidentally, you'll be seeing the dentist on Tuesday, who I'm sure will remark about this.  I'm betting you won't lose the tooth until we are at the new house, as you always wait until the tooth is just about to fall out of your mouth before "pulling" it.
lots of hugs ~mommy

Friday, January 19, 2018

Tabitha passed away

Hey little guy.  I'm sad to report that today was not a happy one.  It started off nice enough--we went to the gym/Kids Zone, followed by a little shopping and pizza from Costco for lunch.  For a while now, our last cat, Tabitha, has not been doing so well.  We were hoping she just had a cold or something, but it wasn't.  After finishing our lunch, I went down to check on Tabitha (we had put her in daddy's desk chair in the basement, since that is one of her favorite spots).  She wasn't breathing anymore :(  I came up and told daddy, which you overheard, and both of you came down to check her, too.  We all confirmed that she had indeed passed away.  You cried so hard, it was heartbreaking. You picked her up, held her to you like you always do, and hugged her goodbye.  You also put her in the box daddy brought down to take her away in.  I think you may have handled it better due to having dealt with Phantom passing away back in August.  Unlike that time, you chose against going along to see Tabitha off (we had her cremated, like Phantom); you had already hugged her and said goodbye, which I thought was very mature of you to realize.
To help comfort you, I suggested we go to Toys R Us and see if we could find you a stuffed animal cat to remember her by.  The only stuffed animal cat you have currently is one that you got Christmas 2016 of Grumpy Cat, so that really wouldn't do.  Happily, we found a perfect one--it's black with a white beard/throat and white paws, much like Tabitha. You named her Flower and kept her by you much of the rest of the day :)  Love you lots ~mommy
p.s. We got confirmation today that we will be moving to the new house (provided no other snags turn up) on the 30th!!!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Swimming with mommy

Today mommy had to work in the morning, so we were not able to go to Kids Zone like we would have normally.  Instead, after I returned from work, I did some packing in the garage (despite the very brrr cold), then was going to go to gym with daddy and just leave you at home with Kevin.  Then I got a better idea--we could go swimming!  Lucky for us, Fountain View Fitness has an awesome pool setup: there is a lap pool and a warm water "family" pool, and it just happened to be open swim time.  You were totally on board with this idea--you ask often about the pool when we pass by it on the way out from our workouts/trips to Kids Zone.  We haven't been to a pool in quite a while, so we were certainly overdue :)
You don't know how to swim just yet--you've always had a problem with getting your face wet/in the water.  This time, however, you got brave--with your goggles on, you held your nose and started practicing putting your face in the water.  This went well, so you kept trying for longer and deeper...before I knew it, you had plunged all the way in, head under the water!!  This is a HUGE step for you--so very proud of you!!  Daddy was up on the 2nd floor, walking on the track, and told us afterward that he could see us and was amazed and proud of you, too!  So very wonderful.
We came home and have been just hanging out here, as we are trying to save $$ and also, as I mentioned, it's really brrr outside--current temp is 7°F.  Hoping we get some snow tomorrow night like they have predicted.  Won't be much, but it'll make the cold worth it :)  Love you lots ~maman

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Mr. Chef and Christmas gifts

For Christmas this year, you asked for 3 main things: a kitchen playset, an RC helicopter, and a Nerf gun.  Lucky you, Santa brought all 3!  The helicopter, unfortunately, was not working correctly, so we took it back to a store to get a refund--we'll get a replacement one after we move.  The Nerf gun has gotten a fair bit of use (you actually got 2--one from Santa and one from daddy), but the kitchen has received the most attention.  Nearly everyday, you "cook" for me and/or daddy, which we love.  You've even said that you might want to grow up to be a chef :)  Tonight you were cooking for me and told me you could cook lots for me, as I could never get actually full on pretend food lol.

There were other gifts besides these, too.  You got an Angry Birds themed LEGO set, a set of talking Angry Birds figures, a Lite Bright, a book about a "mousetranaut", Mad Libs booklet, and a super nice blanket that Nana made for you.  There were probably a few other little ones I can't think of as well.  Point is, Santa must have thought you were very, very good this year. 

Today was a good day, spent indoors at home, as it is suuuuper cold right now.  We've been below freezing since we got back from Nana's (27 Dec), and forecast says we will likely stay that way for a while to come.  The highest temp we are going to see will be on Sunday, which is currently predicted at 30°F--on verra...  For this reason, we've been staying inside for the most part, only venturing out when necessary.  Tonight we took down the Christmas tree--something I usually reserve until 6th of January or later, but given the upcoming move is in 13 days (!), need to get as much packed as soon as possible.  I also packed up some of the downstairs closet; while doing so, you hung out with me and we decided that in the new house, we must set a 'family game time' for each week.  We have A LOT of board games, so this should not be a problem :D

Another part of routine I want to get back to implementing is the bedtime book.  With my job last year making me go to bed early (and keeping me busy late in the evening), we got off track from doing this.  You are still an amazing reader, though, so no worries on any hindered progress, thankfully.  Tonight's book was "I Am Not Reading"--super cute.  Love you lots XOXO ~mommy

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy 2018!

Hey, little guy :)  Or big little guy, I should say--you are 51" tall now, can you believe that??  (You are about a foot taller than your friend Milo, who is just 2 months younger than you.)  Speaking of Milo, he came over today!  He went away to Florida for the holidays and we didn't know when he'd be back--you were over the moon when you heard him come though the door :D  So, your last day of 2017 was spent playing with him for a while, then he went home and we went to feed Buddy the parrot (he's a pet that belongs to one of daddy's friends--she is away and we go over to feed him for her) and go get Casey's pizza in Hampshire (yes, we went that far--we had the coupons to get a free one :))  Then we spent the evening hanging out at home, watching "The Compleat Al" (a gift daddy got from me for Christmas) and then daddy practicing playing his bass for us.  We let you stay up to countdown to midnight (you normally get to bed around 10:30-11pm, so this isn't the stretch that it would be for most kids), where we watched the countdown on TV and toasted together.  It was a great last day of the year.  Here's to a great 2018, full of lots of love and fun!  *big hugs* ~mommy

Sunday, December 31, 2017

The end of 2017--long with updates/summaries

Wow, buddy, I can't believe how fast another year has gone by! As I vow every year, I really am going to do my best to post more in the coming year.  The end of this year has been nothing short of crazy on top of crazy.  Here's a quick rundown of major events of the last 6 months (as last entry was exactly 6 months ago):
July--we decided to sell the house in order to get a bigger/better one.  I also decided to take up my friend Mélo's offer to come to France in September, this time taking you along!

August--the house went on the market, we did lots of packing and cleaning, and then packing for our trip to France.  We (you and mommy) departed on the 30th.

September and October--you and I spent these two months/8 weeks there together.  You were an awesome traveler and learned a bit of French.  We had a few bad moments here and there (a detail about this in a moment), but overall, it was a wonderful experience.  Apart from frying the microwave lol...again, more details on this to come.  We were back home just in time for you to go trick-or-treating--you wore same costume as last year, a policeman (and just as adorable!)  Halloween was very chilly this year, but no precipitation.  Grandma Judy came over during this time and drove you around.  Daddy dressed up as a ghostbuster and mommy dressed as a ghost...from Pac-Man (Pinky)!

November--the house had not sold while you and I were away, so we decided to take it off the market for a week while we did some upgrades.  Nana and pa-pa Junior came up to help and did a fantastic job.  When it went back on the market, we had tons of people come to look.  We had an offer, we accepted it, then the buyer changed his mind.  This caused us to lose the house we had chosen to try to buy (it was the 2nd one--ask me if you want more details about this one day).  Thankfully, about a week later, another buyer came along and is currently contracted to buy the house (closing) on the 16th of January.  Due to all the craziness with the house stuff, we spent Thanksgiving here and had a dinner just for ourselves.  You tried uncle Kevin's pumpkin pie and really liked it.  You also lost two more bottom teeth this month, about a week apart, making 4 total that you have lost.

December--We found an even better house to buy and are hoping we will be able to close on it the same day our current one is supposed to sell.  It's a huge house and you have already picked out your room in it :)  We went to Grandma Judy's on the 21st, stayed until the 24th, then headed to Nana Linda's, where we had Christmas day together.  We returned home on the 27th.  Mommy and daddy celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary 2 days later.

Whew!  Hope you're still reading, because I need to include something from today, specifically tonight, now--it has to do with the detail thing I mentioned above during the France part.  About a half hour after you went to bed, you came back out of your room and looked a bit upset, ready to cry.  You came to me and I asked you what was wrong and you told me it was from when we were in France.  "It was the day we had the orange juice and the donut.  I said the wrong thing!" and you started sobbing.  I reassured you that it is ok, we all make mistakes, and not to worry about it anymore, held you until you were happy again and made sure you were alright.

I am going to guess that you will remember this incident possibly for the rest of your life, so I want to make sure that if anything happens to me, that you know that yes, it was a bad incident, but all is forgiven.  In case you don't recall, here is what happened:

We were in Besançon, staying at an Air B&B home with a very nice lady and her 8 year old son, Octave.  We had decided to explore Besançon, starting with breakfast in the center of town at a small café/boulangerie.  You chose a donut and I had a pastry and orange juice.  You had wanted a Coke, too, but I told you no, that Coke is not for breakfast, too expensive, and you need to cut down on it anyway.  I offered to share my orange juice with you a couple of times, but you refused every time.  You told me you were thirsty, to which I again offered the orange juice or to get you some water.  Again, you refused my options.  Just before I was about to finish off the oj, I asked you one last time and told you I was going to finish it off if you didn't have any.  You pushed it away, so I finished it and waited for you to finish your donut.  Once you were done, you asked for the orange juice and I said none was left, I had finished it and now it was time to leave.  You yelled NO at me and started in to your "tantrum" mode.  In the states, I would have just been embarrassed and would have taken you to the car.  But in France, in the middle of a city where we were on foot, this was not an option.  I had to drag you out by the arm to get out of the café and kept telling you to keep it down before you attracted attention.  Instead, you kept getting louder and eventually started to scream at the top of your lungs.  I tried to cover your mouth to muffle the sound, which just made it worse.  We fought back and forth as I tried to get us out of the middle of town, but too late.  You stormed away from me a few feet ahead and I sat down near where you were, trying to just wait it out and let you get calm, as nothing I was saying was working.  Then an older couple came along and the lady, speaking French, tried to help the situation (but failed).  After she gave up due to language barrier between you and her, I told you we needed to get out of the middle of town and walk somewhere to discuss this.  You were still crying but we did manage to walk to the bridge, away from people, so we could both calm down.  As we walked there, I told you the truth, that I was horribly embarrassed and you were breaking my heart.  I'd never said such a thing to you before, but I'd also never been this upset at you, either.  If I could have, I would have probably gotten on a plane with you right then and headed home.  You were beyond my control and I didn't know what to do.  I felt like a failure, like I didn't know how to be a mommy, and worried terribly about we were going to get through the rest of the trip if you were going to act like this (up until this point, you had not been this out of control during the trip, nor in quite a long time).  As we sat there, under the bridge, both of us crying, you told me that you needed to tell me something about how you felt.  "When you said I was breaking your heart, it made me cry more.  It made me cry more because I was afraid you wouldn't like me anymore."  This made us both cry more, but I held you close and told you that I was sorry, and I would never stop liking you.  I explained that I didn't like your behavior, but I still liked, even loved, you.  But my heart was even more sad that I had made you feel that way--I didn't tell you that, I think. 

And as I write this, I'm still sad that we had this terrible morning and especially that you were sad tonight as you recalled it.  I hope we never have another time like that.  Being a mommy is hard, sweetie, and I'm not perfect--no mommy is.  But I do my best, along with some mistakes, and I love you, always.  Remember that--I will always love you, no matter what.  Please forgive me for how this 'orange juice and donut' morning went--I am truly sorry.  *Big hugs* ~mommy

(I'll tell you happier stories from France in subsequent entries :))